Our new collection of Distance Bracelet will be perfect for people who want to make an ideal gift to someone they hold in their heart. All of our jewelry is made of high quality natural stones made to last for a long time!

Our new collection of Distance Bracelet will be perfect for people who want to make an ideal gift to someone they hold in their heart. All of our jewelry is made of high quality natural stones made to last for a long time!

Couple Bracelet Distance

The distance bracelet is usually made of artificial pearls or semiprecious stones. These costume jewels are for everyone, man or woman, friend, family member, couple... They are above all symbolic fashion accessories to think about the person you have in your heart. They are the perfect gift idea to show your affection to the person of your choice. [su_spoiler title="Learn more about distance bracelets"]

Significance of bracelets distance

These bracelets are made so that people far away feel connected. When distance and time separates someone from you, know that you have part of them with you at all times. Distance bracelets are a set of elastic beaded bracelets that match the color or design. They fit perfectly around the wrist. They can be made of natural stone or synthetic. The intention of these distance bracelets is to be worn by two people who have an important relationship and care deeply for each other. But who are unfortunately separated by distance and want to feel connected to each other. This type of fancy bracelet is often seen as a good luck charm or talisman for everyone.

Buy bracelets distance

When you place your order, you will receive two matching bracelets. Just like the concept of Yin and Yang, you can wear one of them with a piece of the other to have your companion always with you. Thus, the long distance bracelet symbolizes the forces that connect each person at every moment. The initial concept of the distance bracelets consisted of one bracelet with only white beads and a black bead, while the other bracelet had black beads and a white bead. This different colored bead is meant to represent the other person in your relationship and that you have a piece of it with you where you are. Our collection of fancy bracelet and bracelet stones are an exclusivity of bracelet-couple.fr. You won't find them in a jeweler's shop, As the demand for these bracelets grew and customers gave their opinions on what they wanted for their specific relationships or circumstances. The number of color and pattern combinations increased. There are now distance bracelets in different styles, such as sets with similar crown beads. Bracelets for both men and women are made with semi precious natural pearls. You can find the main natural stones like :
  • Agate
  • Eye of tiger
  • Lava stones
  • 7 Chakras
  • Lava stone
  • Aventurine
  • Lazuli mats
  • Quartz
  • Onyx
  • Haematite
  • Amazonite
  • Zirconium
  • Amethyst
  • Pink quartz
There are also models with different color combinations, including pink and black versions of the bracelets as well as orange and black versions. Some are made especially for special occasions such as for Valentine's Day . All distance bracelets are made with beads strung together by a strong elastic cord. They should be rolled up on the wrist and removed from the wrist when exposed to water or aggressive substances to ensure durability for many years.

How do the long distance bracelets work ?

The long distance bracelets have been designed so that each person can wear their own wherever they are in the world. And the concept of a different colored bead on a bracelet or each bracelet with a similar bead is meant to represent the fact that a piece of the other person is always with you, no matter how far and how long you have been separated by them. This concept of pearl bracelets is timeless. It is a way to please and a very symbolic gift for any budget.

Why a distance bracelet ?

. The idea for the distance bracelets came to the founders of this concept when they had a long distance relationship and were struggling to maintain it. They relied on technology to keep in touch because they were separated by more than 1,700 kilometers. Long-distance relationships are difficult, especially when you want to keep a strong bond, and although technology helps them. They always felt they needed something more to feel closer and connected to each other, and so, in a desire to bridge the gap, the idea of distance bracelets was born. At first, the explanation of what the distance bracelets represent and the story of their creation gave the impression that they were only intended for couples who had a serious distance relationship. However, these are not the only types of couples these bracelets are for.

What is the ideal gift for a long-distance relationship?

There are different types of relationships and love in the world and these bracelets can be worn by anyone. Family and friends can also benefit from the connection created by the distance bracelets. They can be used by close family members who live far away from each other or who cannot meet regularly in the same place at the same time. This gift is for both Sexs, male and female. There will be a man bracelet and a woman bracelet.

Friendship distance bracelet

A parent may want to give one to a child who is leaving the home they grew up in to make a life for themselves elsewhere. It reminds them that they will always be there for them with love and support. It is a highly symbolic jewel. Best friends who are going to different universities or to pursue their career dreams miles apart could also wear these relationship bracelets to always remember the love and support their best friend has for them. The distance bracelets are for anyone who wants to feel a connection with someone or as a symbol to themselves, or to the world, of the relationship they have with another person they love and care about. They are given as gifts and worn to show someone that you will always be there for them. It doesn't matter how long or how far away you are from the other person. They are given as a promise to someone that you will find yourself on your path one day and that you will see each other again. Every relationship in the world is different because it is made up of different types of people who see and feel things in their own way. So the reason behind the bracelet may be different, but just as important for each couple who wears it. [ggiesshortcode] [/su_spoiler]